• December 3, 2023

How Made by Mitchell hit $2 Million in sales… in ONE WEEK!


Made by Mitchell (MBM) is a truly inspiring TikTok Shop success story. After joining in 2020, MBM quickly went viral thanks to their original hero product “Blursh” and Mitchell Halliday’s creative and authentic content. After three years of successful campaigns, collaborations, and even an appearance at the first-ever TikTok Shop Discover, Sell, Grow Summit, MBM and TikTok Shop are still managing to break records together.

The Objective

Looking to grow their fan-base, boost sales, and clear some excess inventory MBM embarked on their biggest and boldest campaign journey yet!

The Solution

After reaching an impressive follower milestone of 500K, MBM leveraged the moment and launched targeted flash sales which started the campaign buzz. Making good use of the TikTok Shop studio space in Manchester, MBM diversified their Shoppable LIVEs with fun makeup tutorials and “get ready with me” sessions. They also set up cameras at offline events like Mitchell Marts, enabling sales alongside TikTok Shop broadcasts.

In true MBM fashion, they collaborated beautifully with trusted TikTok creators who promoted the products on their channels in Shoppable LIVEs and Shoppable Short Videos to maximise visibility. With the Barbie premiere coinciding with their campaign, MBM capitalised on this cultural trend with a “Barbie Bundle” showcasing how to create a Barbie look in Shoppable LIVEs and Shoppable Short Videos. Lastly, MBM implemented a data-driven approach to their merchandise selection. This involved running targeted sales on popular products to amplify their virality and drive sales.

The Results

MBM’s campaign ran from July 17th – 24th and saw record-breaking results. The bold combination of their flash sales strategy, engaging content, creator collaboration, capitalisation on cultural moments, and strategic merchandising led to an incredible GMV of $2 million in just one week!

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